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Marketing in the Time of Coronavirus

In a matter of weeks, days even, our world as we know it was turned upside down and marketers have had to rethink their playbooks. The traditional ways and means of talking to consumers has been disrupted beyond what any of us could ever imagine. Regular everyday communication somehow seemed unsympathetic and marketers began to question everything.

An exclamation point in an email, can we even do that? How are we supposed to talk to our customers? What is the proper tone, hopeful, sympathetic, funny? Can we still push sales? As the days and weeks went on, consumers were bombarded with messages about how brand's were managing the pandemic from logistics to employee safety measures. It was a lot, for everyone, especially at a time when we were all trying to manage our own day-to-day work and life routines.

Marketing in the Time of Coronavirus

But smart marketers kept communicating with their consumers and were honest and real about what they were facing. We don't know how exactly how we are going to navigate this, but we are in it together emerged as a common theme.

Brands that have always had candid and real conversations with their consumers suddenly found this type of communication to be much easier than those who have not.

We know how to talk to our customers, we talk to them everyday was an ah-ha moment for some brands and the marketing messages that have come from those brands are thoughtful, inspirational and even fun.

The greatest thing about humans is that we learn to survive and even thrive under difficult circumstances. We may be forever changed, but we will emerge from this.

As we learn to live and navigate this new world, we will see a different type of marketing communication emerge. One that is honest, heartfelt and sometimes even funny.


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